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Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys
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by Jesse and Emily Walker on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

CANNOT say enough about Sam being our realtor. We approached him very unsure of what direction we wanted to go in, and he coached us through the process, teaching us along the way. He is an abundance of knowledge and made sure we felt informed on every detail along the way. He was patient, spent a ton of time with us, and we could not be happier with the process and where we are. You can tell he genuinely cared for us, and not for commission or any motive aside from truly wanting the best for us. We will never use anyone else!

by Ketley Raric on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Sam Miller is absolutely the BEST realtor out there! He went above and beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. We found ourselves in a very hard stressful home situation for months and if it wasn’t for the hard work Sam put in for us we would have never been able to get out of it. He spent so much time and energy into being there for our family. He truly moved mountains to help us get into the perfect home! He truly cares about his clients. I can not recommend him enough! Sam is a hard working intelligent compassionate person and we were so lucky to have his help in our home buying process. We are finally HOME thanks to him!

by Joey Davis on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

First-time homebuyer. I thought the process was going to be a huge headache, but Steve and Sam made it a piece of cake. Extremely knowledgable guys and incredibly helpful. Very friendly and relational. They want to make sure you're getting the best property for you. They're a great team and I'm so thankful I chose them to help me with this process. Love the home, fellas!!

by Hannah Jernigan on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

My husband and I bought our first home about two months ago! Woo hoo! Sam Miller, part of the Nashville Home Guys, made our first home buying experience a breeze! Sam is Nashville born and raised so he knows the different neighborhoods inside and out. He was able to quickly locate potential homes that met ALL of our major wants and needs. He didn't waste our time with homes listed for prices outside of our stated budget. Sam did not push any home on us that we walked through and we never felt like he had any agenda other than helping us find exactly what we wanted! He was also able to steer us clear of homes that had potential complications, like being located in a flood plain, and this involved him doing research we could not have done on our own. I could not have been happier with how helpful Sam was (and continues to be even post closing and move in!) and how easy he made this experience for us. Highly recommend using the Nashville Home Guys for your next home buying journey!

by Urvi and Sonny Avichal on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Sam and Steve are by far the best realtors my husband and I have ever worked with. We traveled to Nashville multiple times in search of a home and had many realtors, none of them knew what we wanted.

Then we met Sam and Steve and these guys knew exactly what we wanted. I had 2 days to find a house and then had to get back home, we looked at many homes until I found one I loved! They were patient, kind and super helpful every step of the way. We had to do everything remotely to include the closing and they were on top of all the information! They go above and beyond for their clients!

by Phil Meyer on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Sam Miller did an amazing job as my realtor helping me buy my new home and selling my old home. He was instrumental in keeping both sales on track and always willing to answer my questions and share his knowledge. Nashville Home Guys worked as a team and is a great combination to help you with any realty needs. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you Sam and Steve! 🙂

by Brian Laczko on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Sam and Steve were outstanding to work with through our recent home sale and purchase. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and we definitely felt like we were in good hands. We had never gone through the sales process before, and they made sure to explain everything in detail and answer all of our questions. I'd recommend them to anyone in Nashville!

by Ellery Frasier on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Highly Recommended - Sam went above and beyond as my realtor. Not only did he help me find my adorable home on a very short notice, he also physically helped me move out of my apartment and into my house. He's extremely knowledgable on the Nashville real estate market, and even provided me with solid references for home maintenance needs. Thank you so much Sam!

by Kelli Liszka on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

When we first met Sam and Steve, it was because we were interested in one specific home. I believe we said, "We want THIS house. If we don't get THIS house, we will be staying in our current home." Our past realtor had set an incredibly low bar, and neither my husband or I were excited about working with another realtor. They didn't flinch, even when we found that the home was massively overpriced and needed tons of repairs. They worked with us to extend a fair offer, and it didn't work out. There was no pressure anywhere along the way - they wanted to be certain we weren't overpaying for this home. Ultimately, we didn't get that home, but our story didn't end there.

Once we caught the real estate bug (again), there was no stopping the home shopping. Since we did love the home that we were in, there was no hurry, so we could be picky. Another home came up for sale that we loved, we put together a perfect offer - including a bidding war - and again lost out. They assured us that both of these situations were out of the ordinary, and working through both of the offers with Sam and Steve reinforced our trust in them.

Fast forward to a couple months later, when the next home that checked all of our super-specific boxes came on the market. I was in the hospital having just had a baby, and Sam had a 1-week old baby of his own. He didn't hesitate when we called him the day after we got home to go check out the house. We put in an offer that we were comfortable with, and it was countered. We went back and forth on whether or not we wanted to further pursue it, and really wanted to see it one more time before making the decision. At 6pm on a Saturday, I called Sam to ask if he could meet us back at the house for another look. Thankfully, his wife was gracious enough to let him join us (having a 1-week old and a 2 year old is no joke, and I would have completely understood if she said no!), and we got there just in time to see a magical sunset from the house, which sealed it for us. We put in a counter, and got a verbal acceptance while standing in the driveway of our soon-to-be new home!

The new house needed some work, so we decided to hold off on selling our current home for several weeks until we could move in. If you thought *buying* a home with Sam and Steve sounded like a dream, SELLING was even better! We had a few things to fix up before listing the home, and they were great to bounce ideas off of when it came to prioritizing tasks. I can't tell you how many times I called or texted Sam asking if we should do this or that.

There is a lot to be said for having a realtor team that consists of a seasoned pro like Steve, who has a large network of other realtors and professionals, and tech-savvy Sam, who understands the importance of using video and social media as invaluable tools. Ultimately, it was Sam's drone footage video that he posted on Instagram that caught the attention of our buyer.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam and Steve to anyone who is thinking about buying or selling a home. Their attention to detail and experience make them excellent professionals, but it's their sense of humor and just all-around niceness that makes the entire process a pleasure.

by Katie Rhode on Nashville - Tennessee | Nashville Home Guys

Sam and Steve are hands down the best in the business. They are professional, attentive to detail, knowledgeable and fun to work with. My purchase with them was by far the smoothest of the three purchases I've made in Nashville. They really are out to make your experience stress free. As a bonus, they know all the right people to refer you to for all your new home maintenance and upgrade needs! I've referred all my friends to Sam and Steve and will absolutely buy with them again.

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