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Sam Miller

Sam Miller spent 10 years in the outdoor industry working with companies like: Camelbak, GoPro, Specialized Bicycles, Swiftwick, and Yakima, During his tenure in the outdoor industry he worked with over 200 retailers with their product mix, employee education, and lead product demonstrations. Nashville Real Estate was always a part of his life during this time both from a personal interest and as a family business. Sam loves building relationships and identifying key goals that buyers and sellers want to achieve. Sam knows that nurturing relationships and building trust are the most important aspects of any business relationship but most especially in Real Estate.

He says, "When it was time to start a new career I knew that Real Estate was my calling. Real Estate investments provided so much opportunity for my family. I've been on both sides of Real Estate transactions multiple times and know what the process looks like from a Client's perspective. The joy of home ownership and the way in which making these investments have changed my family's life is something that I am passionate about sharing."

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