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5 At-A-Glance Quality Checks For House Renovations or New Builds

The Nashville Home Guys with their good friend and engineer extraordinaire, Adam Trapani, are putting together a new video series on the building and remodeling of homes to help our clients know what to look for when looking at a new build or a renovated home – with the emphasis on being able to tell quickly whether it is a quality build or one that should raise some concerns.

After graduating college with his engineering degree, Adam worked with one of the city’s finest residential environmental companies specializing in energy efficiency for homes. From there he went with one of the city’s finest builders as the quality control specialist for the firm. All during that time he was renovating and remodeling homes in East Nashville and is now doing that full time. If you have any questions, let us know and Adam and the team will get you answers.

The Nashville Home Guys want to arm you with knowledge when it comes to the biggest financial investment in a lifetime!